Statement of Faith

We Believe


is eternal. In other words, He always was and always will be. He is one being who continually exists as three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

we believe

the Bible 

to be a unique (holy) book in that it is the only book inspired by God – which means that it is ‘God breathed’. God ‘breathed’ his words through the pens of human authors. The Bible is utterly trustworthy and is therefore our rule for faith and for life.

we believe


is the son of God. He was born without sin (of a virgin) and lived a sinless life. As the son of God, he was both fully God and fully man at the same time. His death was as unique as his birth in that it achieved something which no one else’s death has achieved, viz. the salvation of all those who believe in him. His tomb is empty today because, on the third day after he was crucified, he was resurrected! We celebrate this event annually on Easter Sunday morning.

we believe

Spiritual Gifts 

as mentioned in the New Testament, are still intended for the church today. In particular, the gifts mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12 are given to the believer when he / she is baptised in the Holy Spirit. This ‘baptism in the Holy Spirit’ is often a separate event to salvation. 

we believe

Holy Communion

is a spiritual ‘selfie’ of Jesus on the cross.  Jesus wanted his followers to remember the significance of his death and resurrection. Without access to a camera, he used what he had available viz bread and wine. The bread was broken to symbolise that his death on the cross broke the power of sin over our lives. The redness of the wine reminds us of his blood that was shed in order to pay the price for our sins.

We celebrate communion every Sunday morning.


we believe


is a sign – it’s not a sign of what we’ve done, it’s a sign of what God is still going to do. Much like God gave the rainbow as a sign that he would never again destroy the earth by flood, he gave us baptism as a sign that he will complete in the believer, the work that he began at salvation.

If someone is old enough to acknowledge Jesus as their saviour, they are old enough to be baptised.